TONIGHT: Aspen and I go to the Knights game and watch the fireworks
WEDNESDAY: Miguel and I take the kayaks out, drink a good amount, and watch the sunset off the lake
THURSDAY: My day off; going biking and more biking, preparing for Tishy's arrival (aka flush the toilets)
FRIDAY: Back to work, me, Tishy, Miguel and Emily go see Pirates of the Caribean
SATURDAY: Take Aspen to her first horse riding lesson, go to work, enjoy Tishy's backrubs etc
SUNDAY: Aspen and I give Tishy more swimming lessons

FYI: July 21st... both Lady on the Water and Clerks II come to theatres. I will be super busy that evening watching 2 movies (for the price of one!) "One super humungus glutton tub of popcorn with triple butter flavoring please!"

Happy Birthday America!