Israel is at war, tsunami's are striking again, The earth is rapidly warming, Overpopulation is choking our natural resources, And my back spasms are acting up! Yet it is a glorious day!!!
God does exist afterall!
Yesterday, Georgia had its Gubernatorial elections and with the mighty blessing of God Himself ('Herself' if you're one of those agitating 'grrl' types) Ralph Reed lost his bid for the governorship!!
Praise Jesus!! Hallelujah!! Sweet day in the morning!!
Seriously, Ralphy is about as slimy, underhanded, self-righteous, crooked and manipulative as they come. The founder of The Christian Coalition has the most conservative agenda one could possibly put on paper. The last thing God wants is for someone like this to be acting and speaking on His (Her) behalf!
Thank You Georgia electorate! Praise Jesus!!


And speaking of justice and righteousness, for the first time ever I got summoned for jury duty! And contrary to what you might think, I am pleased as punch to rearrange my work schedule and spend my day off to decide whether or not someone gets the chair! Everyone should be as blessed to live in a judicial system where your guilt or innocence is decided by your peers. And I got two words for this guy already: Gil.Tee!