Tish informed me yesterday that one of her first posts ever happened to have been one of her very own 'tens lists'. And the subject was 'Ten Reasons I'm A Good Catch'. Of course I was curious what her reasons were but I held off on reading them until I created my own list of why she's a great catch. It will be interesting to see if any of our reasons are the same...

1- She is very fond of a particular 'activity' that is still deemed illegal in 17 states
2- She is an awesome cook
3- She is low maintenance
4- Her smile (oops, well, trust me, she has a great smile)
5- Um... this
6- Her sense of humor
7- Her ever present upbeat attitude
8- Her Do-It-Yourself home improvement skills
9- She likes sports and beer
10- Her turn-ons include Scooby Doo & Shaggy impressions (which I am pretty darn good at I must say)

Okay, now lets all go to her reasons post and see how we compared.