So my stat count remains at about triple of what it has been. Though I can't figure out where these hits are coming from I have figured out what post is attracting them, and it's not the main page. It's This Post.
It may be one of the pictures or one of the keywords I suppose (if people are googling it). Or did someone who has an enormously popluar site post a link to this? I dunno. It's about a year old. Unfortunately, everyone is also exiting through the same page so they aint reading this, which means I can't ask anyone how they gots here.

In other news, we may be fully staffed again sooner than expected which means back to 5 day work weeks before too long. Woo Hoo!
Speaking of 'Woo Hoo', The Who is coming on tour in a few months! I'll be damned if they haven't announced for anywhere near here. I may have to travel to Chicago or Phili to see them. But make no mistake, I WILL see them this time!