A SHORT STORY *chapter 2 supplemental*

So it wen't down last night.
Autumn's stepdaddy told her mommy that he was full aware of her shenanigans over the weekend, that she was not on a support group retreat. He told her to pack her things and leave. She screamed and fussed and argued and lied some more. In fact she tried telling him that her lieing about where she was going for the weekend was to test him to see if he was still untrusting of her (afterall it had been a full 4 months since her last affair. Certainly that should be in the distant past and be all but forgotten by now right?). Autmun's daddy laughed out loud when Autumn's stepdaddy told him that that was her excuse.
Autumn's mommy stayed at a friend's house last night and was very upset at Autumn's daddy that he would not let Autumn stay with her (it was supposed to be her mommy's turn to have her). Autumn's daddy insisted that he would be happy to let Autumn stay overnight with her as long as she was staying back at her house or if she got her own apartment, but not while she was shacking up at a friends house because she had been kicked out onto the street.
Autumn's daddy sat down with his little girl and told her that her mommy and stepdad had been in another big fight and that her mommy would probably not be staying there for a little while until they had worked their problems out. Her daddy was very careful not to place blame or villainize anybody. Autumn asked what they had been fighting about but her daddy just said that he didn't know.
Autumn cried that once again she would be moving away from her dogs and her best friend neighbor. Her daddy held her and assured her that he would take her to see her dogs as often as he could. Autumn stopped crying after a few minutes. Then they read to eachother for the rest of the evening.
The next morning Autumn's mommy called Autumn's daddy to calmly discuss things further. Daddy had to hang up on mommy the night before because mommy wanted to yell at daddy for not letting Autumn stay over with her. Then Autumn's mommy said that if he was going to question her judgement then she was going to question his and began to say that she didn't feel comfortable with Autumn being around her daddy's new love. Her daddy reminded her that she was one full marriage and divorce ahead of him since their own divorce and that as soon as he got married then divorced a year later for infidelity that she could start questioning his judgement.
Autumn's mommy was quite.