Okay, enough stories for now about Autumn and her family.
Today I have some 'observations' that I have accumulated over the last few days.

1- If your daily life involves you interacting in any way with others on a face to face basis, please floss regularly! The stench of genocide aside I can think of no smell more repugnant than unflossed teeth breath!
2- How many people in this country are going to eat their way into those little electric get around chairs that take 30 minutes to get across a crosswalk before we as a nation have finally had enough?
3- Larry King has got to be THE WORST interviewer I have ever had to listen to. I mean, can he interrupt his guests in the middle of their answers MORE often? I seriously doubt it!
4- And this should be fun, Tish is planning on going out with some friends tonight. She has promised that after 3-9 beers she's going to give me a ring and be real friendly. I'll let you all know how that goes!
5- Miguel, Aspen and I are going up to the Blue Ridge Mountains this weekend for the 5th annual Floyd Fest. Two days of Bluegrass music, camping, Frisbee, good eats and dancing. Been planning this for over a year. Woo Hoo!
6- Mom comes to visit for 11 days on Sunday. That's the same day we get back from the bluegrass fest. That means I have to clean the place tonight. Ugh! Did I mention she'll be staying at my place for ELEVEN days?!! Mmmmm Hmmm! That's nine more days than a weekend visit. I'm just saying. Tish will be meeting mom while she's here. Providing she doesn't chicken out. Anyway, that whole thing... That's gonna be a months worth of posts right there!
7- The Sea Weeder should be out of the shop soon with all her minor and major ills all fixed up. Just in time for winter. Sigh.