1- Yes, the Sea Weeder will be back in a few short days. The engine is 'running like a champ' the guy tells me. Sadly, that 'champ' status set me back $250 as he had to rebuild the carburetor and completely readjust all facets of the compression and timing. Here's the kicker: I gave him the go ahead for a new shifter box and cables. I'm not falling for some typical mechanic scare tactics here. Miguel and I knew for a fact that she was having a real hard time getting in and out of neutral while on the water. Maybe I'm gullible, maybe I'm eternally optimistic (I still think my ex wife and I have a shot at working things out too!*) but I have to believe that with the new shifter installed and him telling me all other aspects of the engine are great (what mechanic is not going to tell you when you need more work done?) that this should be the last of the overhaul project. Oh yeah, that part will be an additional $750! Nice huh? Whose idea was it to get a boat again? Thank god business is good.

2- Mom got her dates set. She will be out Tuesday through Tuesday. Not quite as long as originally planned but I'll get over it. And for some reason she agreed that she would be willing to go for a boat ride. She's 70 something and has a bad back so I was pleased she will go for it (I couldn't convince her to give the waterskiing a try though. Maybe after I spike her afternoon tea she'll be more agreeable).

3- The new guy we hired lasted 2 days. Aint that some shit?! Funny thing is, he 'quit' immediately after I took him out on training for the afternoon. Maybe my going on for 3 hours on what a prick the boss is gave him some pause. Anyway, no ones blaming me for now. Bottom line is we're now looking over the other applicants to see who might be a little more reliable which means 6 days a week for the next few weeks. Fucker! Oh, when I say 'quit' I mean he failed to show up the next day or to return anyone's calls.

4- I bought the season one DVD of The Office. Actually there were 3 episodes on there I had never seen before! Steve Correl's character Michael Scott is the best!! I can't get enough of his dialogue, I'm learning alot about how to say the wrong thing in casual conversations from him! If you haven't seen this show (NBC Thursday nights) pull your head out for 30 minutes a week for some good laughs already! Can't wait for My Name is Earl to come out! That show is the cheese!

5- I'll see you guys Monday hopefully. It's off to Floyd Fest (which is a bluegrass festival held in Floyd, VA, ::MARA::, NOT a Pink Floyd music fest! lol)
You guys have a fun weekend!
* that's a joke sweetheart!