This post is only going to be of interest to you if you are one who keeps up on current events...
Like a lot of people around the world I have been glued to various news stations for the last 72 hours watching history unfold.
I have my opinions pretty set though I constantly modify them here and there every time I see an intelligent political analyst offer his point of view on real news show (not FOX Tish!).
So here's my thinking:
Hezbollah and Hamas as well as Iran and Syria refuse to acknowledge Israel's right to exist. Their collective goals are to see the total anhialation of that country and its people.
Always the objective and rational one I try to see matters from all points of view but I am completely incapable of coming up with a justification for their stance. It is based on nothing more than millennia old raw hatred. And that never makes for good foreign policy. Israel is being urged by world leaders, and our always poignant and eloquent leader as well, to 'exercise restraint'. That kind of makes everyone a hypocrite doesn't it? Did we exercise restraint in Iraq? Would we exercise restraint if American soldiers were kidnapped from our land and then held for ransom?
Hezbollah is an internationally recognized terrorist organization funded and equipped by Iran and Syria. It is not a government. It's soul mission is to obliterate Israel. Why should Israel be asked to exercise restraint? The Lebanese government will not (they claim 'can not') disarm Hezbollah.
If Israel does nothing, it is apparent that nothing will be done. No country can be expected to sit back and allow a terrorist organization bent on its total anhialation amass thousands of weapons on its border. If Al Queda started accumulating itself on Canada's southern border, would we be cool with that? Why should we expect Israel to chillax in the same situation?
My opinion: If you're not watching the news I urge you to. Not wanting to sound murose or appocalyptic or anything, I honestly feel we're witnessing the unfolding of WWIII right now. There are heavily armed, religiously motivated militias that do not represent legitimate governments who have little to lose and everything to gain in this scenario. It won't end anytime soon.
That's my two cents, feel free to share yours.