Where to begin?
Oh yeah, The Black Crowes show was Tuesday night. Fourth row center seats were awesome! Unfortunately, the band seemed to be elsewhere mentally the whole evening and were only half assed there. I can't blame them though. If I was married to Kate Hudson (as is lead singer Chris Robinson) I wouldn't be thinking about anything other than getting home either! Still, always good to see some good loud southern rock.
The computer is 'fixed' hopefully. I should have guessed that the problem was not going to be covered by the warranty. $55! F*#kers!
What's up with my stat counter??? The Nut usually averages 100-120 hits a day, but as soon as I went on hiatus my traffic went up to 300 hits a day??? Am I really that more interesting when I simply shut my pie hole? Ouch people, ouch!
Speaking of that, if anyone can help me with this problem I'll be forever grateful and you'll get props here in my next post... The 'referring URL' tab in my stat counter has never worked! All it ever says for every single hit I've ever had is 'unknown' when I try to figure out how people got my site. Anyone know why this is? Anyone?
And 'ACK!' we lost one of our staff this week at work which means I'm back to 6 day work weeks until we fill the position which will probably take 6 weeks! That the rest of the damn summer!! WTF!!
Finally, I'd like to give a recomendation for a movie. The Breakup (with Vince Vaughn and the ever scrumptious Jenny Annison)! I don't get anyone who says this movie was boring! The dialogue between the main characters was to die for. I wish I had had a pen and paper with me to write down everything that came out of Vaughn's character's mouth. It was priceless! I sure hope I'm in some bitter breakup in the near future so I can use all his sharp stinging wit while its still fresh in my memory banks!
Anyhoo, if you're a Vaughn fan, go see this, he's as good here as he was in The Wedding Crashers.
PS: Wednesday night I jogged 4 miles then Thursday I biked 15 miles then jumped in the shower. Thats as close to competing in an Iron Man Triathalon as I ever hope to get!