Lets be creative in my absence folks. What is this blogger thinking?

In other news: Tish and I had a nice visit this last weekend. On Sunday I was treated to a nice surprise! She and Aspen went to the store and bought ingredients for one of Tish's favorite recipes, a veggie manicotti dish. They spent an hour in the kitchen together while I was invited to take a nap. What is that shit? I can't think of a single person in the last 10 years who has cooked a meal for me while I kicked back that I wasn't paying or related to in some way! Man! I could get me used to some of that action, I tell you what! And the meal was awesome too! I must have gained 5 pounds just taking in the aroma as it sat in the oven!

Earlier in the day, Tish took the 40 beanie babies that she was gifting to Aspen and hid them around the house. She wrote down each ones name on a piece of paper so Aspen could cross off each one as she found it. She had a blast looking for them all which she did in about 30 minutes.

Thanks Tish for a fun weekend. I have no scars to show for it so I know things are headed in the right direction. Anyhoo, the computer gets serviced in about 30 minutes so The Nut will be on hiatus for a few days. If you're looking for a good site to go to in the meantime I suggest Dawn's, hers is about the only blog I go to on a daily basis anymore. She's an ass slapper I'm telling you.