But there are sure some that are pretty damn cold! You see that U.S. weather map lately? The one that is all red with a few splatches of orange and all the numbers are 90 or higher? If you zoom in on that real close you'll see over in Floyd, VA no orange or red, just the color that indicates 'fricken cold man'. And what makes matters worse, far worse than the cold itself, is that Aspen's mom (familiar with the region in question) told me I 'might want to bring along a pair of jeans because it can get cold up there'. I'm from Colorado! I know full well that mountains can get cold. But these hills aren't mountiains any more than what Paris Hilton has are breasts. So I simply packed t-shirts and shorts for us. God Damnit there is nothing worse than having to tell your ex 'you were right'. Ow the sting! Damn weather map says it's gonna be 90 with a low of 72! How about a high of 70 and a low of 42? That was more accurate! And I wasn' the only one taken by surprise. Lots of tree hugging, pot smoking, hair brading, hill folk thought that it was going to be at least a few degrees above 'where's-my-damn-jacket?!' so I weren't the only one!
Aside from the mild cases of frostbite, the Floyd Fest was a blast. Other than the fact that there were 3000 people (and 6000 unshaved armpits) in attendance, everything was worth remembering. And here's some pics to prove it...

Aspen and daddy taking in the atmosphere

Hmmm... okay, one pic. Blogger is being a bitch this morning it would seem. What do you say 'Blogger'? Can we post some more tomorrow or you gonna be PMSing then too??