It came to my attention last night (after the Dave Matthews concert - which was awesome by the way!) that more than one blogger had read the comments from my Keith Urban Is Gay (and other revelations) post and assumed that Tish's response to my post (which included an updated HNT pic) was not in jest. Word was getting around that my post had indeed had negative consequences on my growing friendship with Tish.
I found some humor in this actually. I called Tish to tell her that someone had taken her comment seriously. Tish found this quite funny indeed. But let me apologize to my dear blogger friends on Tish's behalf for the stress she induced due to her thoughtless comment and off sense of humor.
Actually, and this is where things get vomit inducing, one of the things I really like about Tishy is that she gets my sense of humor. Usually a few weeks into a relationship I manage to piss of my partner at least a handful of times with my ill timed, off the cuff and more often than not senseless & thoughtless words that I deem 'funny' but really aren't. So far, I haven't seemed to irk Tish even once. And I'm trying hard too! I mean, I'm running out of ideas. Short of feeding her dogs poison I can't find anything that she doesn't find funny. Even doing the Macarena while wearing nothing but fleece socks cracks her up!
I'm in uncharted territory here. I seem to have free reign with saying what I want in the tone that I want when I want and the only respose I get is "Brico, you are so funny!"
Now if I could just get her to stop saying that while I'm undressing everything would be perfect!