As you have probably concluded, Tish and I speak daily via that phone contraption thingy. The other day she almost... almost... made a Brico style verbal faux paz.
Let me share it with you.
The topic was something along the lines of her needs and desires in a relationship. I'm not sure exactly, I tend to fade in and out most of the time in pointless conversations like this.
Then she said this:
"If I had to choose between being stuck on a desert island with some young handsome stud who's a good lover or..."
and you could hear her just starting to say the word "you". I mean the 'ya' sound was already starting to form on her lips. Then she caught herself and in mid sentence changed slightly the direction she was heading. She concluded...
"...or someone who is funny and sweet, I would take the funny and sweet person every time."

Nicely done, Tishy. Point well made.