I dunno what this post is supposed to be called but lots of people have been doing it and I wanted to too. Here are ten things I'm saying to people in my life (past or present) but I'm not saying who they're to.

1- Dude, what the f**k?! We were as close as brothers growing up then you decide that the friendship that had endured for years was 100% discardable? There was no fallout, no harmful words, just moving on. But to not bother calling when you're back in town once a year? Nice!

2- I can't regret having been involved with you because of what we produced but you are the single biggest headache my life will ever know. If ever I were to strangle someone, it would be you. Grow the f**k up and get serious help for your issues and stop lieing every time you open your mouth. You are the epitome of mentally unstable.

3- You make me smile every time I hear you say hello. I hope that never changes.

4- Buddy, please stop drinking. It is the source of your unhappiness. I see it. You don't. I wouldn't lie.

5- I'm sorry I don't live up to your expectations. It plagues me. You are one of the most accomplished women I've ever known. I'm not that ambitious. I am happy though. I hope that counts for something in your eyes.

6- To answer your question: No, I don't still hate you. I never hated 'you'. I hated what you tried to do me. I wish you the best. I always have. But you are now a part of my past not my present. Please move on. There are others capable of being a good friend to you. Find them.

7- Why me? I'm not sure what your hang up is. I am considerate to those I interact with. Noone you know seems to have any negative things to say about me even though you constantly try to find it. I leave you alone because you obviously don't care for my presence. So what exactly is your beef? I get the feeling you view us as competitors in some kind of market and that's sad. You do your thing, which I think can be a bit crass, uncouth and distasteful at times but I don't let it consume me. I do my thing. Please don't let it consume you, I'm not worth the effort.

8- Sweetheart, you are not as messed up as you think you are. Everything you observe about yourself is shared by a majority of others out there. You're just a sexaholic who isn't getting any right now. And I think you've made a great decision to stop. I'm sure it's not easy. Get new rechargables and call in sick for a day.

9- I pity you. You have spent your whole adult life preparing for a secure future and you rarely enjoy a moment of the present. That difference in philosophy is why we're not close. I hope you discover 'living' before your life is over.

10- You turned my life around the day you were born. It's my job to make sure you grow up right, yet it was you who made me grow up. Funny how that works. I love you.