1- left a pile of dirty dishes in the kitchen sink
2- left a list of chores for tish to do until i got home (including cleaning said pile of dishes)
3- didn't bother to pick up my skidmarked underwear from the bedpost and lamp shade
4- didn't hide the panties or other evidence of Crimson's, Red's, JY's, and Heather's visit from the previous weekend
5- called tish at 1am and told her i was running a bit late at work and wouldn't be in until around 3... ish
6- called tish at 2am and told her to come pick me and my new friend up downtown since the bartender wouldn't give me back my car keys
7- didn't bother to hide my Barely Legal magazine collection
8- assumed tish was an eco conservationalist and would appreciate my habit of not flushing for a week at a time
9- forgot to tell tish that the woman next door has a habit of using my shower in the middle of the day and to just ignore her
10- forgot to hide the pics i had secretely taken of her on the can last time she stayed over

...other than that, this weekend is going great!