I hadn't done a ten's list in some time, so at the risk of coming off as mushy, I dedicate this one to my blog friend...
After Tish came down and hung out last weekend I took note of our similarities. Here's a few of my observations

1- We both burn Nag Champa incense (all other brands are just imitations of the original)
2- We both own Dogma on DVD and consider it one of the best movies ever
3- She resembles Natalie Merchant and I often act like 10,000 Maniacs
4- She is a beautiful woman and I can never get enough of beautiful women
5- Neither of us have any risk of ever drowning (i'm a good swimmer...)
6- We both love Buffett (that's mandatory!)
7- We both love Barenaked Ladies (she loves the band...)
8- We both have sensitive legs
9- We both reside in the south amongst these people.
10- Tish prefers to walk around the house naked... and I, as well, prefer Tish to walk around the house naked.

So... what could possibly go wrong?