It seems some of us can just not seem to not get pregnant. The simple 'pill' or 'condom' method is just too complicated or expensive to master it would appear. It is for you that this post is dedicated. Take it to heart, memorize it, practice it. You know who you are.

1- um... say 'no' for once in your life
2- try switching teams
3- only date guys in their 90's
4- only date guys younger than 10
5- become a necropheliac
6- have him sit in extremely hot water for 20 minutes first (even if its only 50% effective, thats 50% better than what you're currently doing)
7- bath in spermicidal jelly precoitus
8- vasectomy (im not a big fan of this one)
9- produce bag and rubber band
10- anal sex (your butt can't get pregnant sweetheart!)

I've tried a few of these personally (I won't say which ones), you obviously have tried none of them. Look into it doll. Love ya!