Oh joy, Oh joy, Oh joy! Sunday is my most anticipated day of any given year! I get to chilax on the lawn of Charlotte's Amphitheatre listening to 3 hours of the greatest songwriter ever... Jimmy Buffett, Mr. Parrothead himself! His music is the soundtrack to my life. As I've said before, I have 182 Buffett tunes in my ipod, and thats only the ones I really like (I only have 86 Grateful Dead tunes). How can depression exist when his songs fill the air? It can't! You go to a Buffett show and you will only see tears of joy and smiles abound, no negative nancies around when the man is on stage!
And what makes this particular show even more special, this will be Aspen's first concert! A year ago she asked me to make her a CD of her favorite Buffett tunes (Fins, Jolly Mon, Stars on the Water, etc). She's been listening to it at bedtime ever since.
Secondly, we have backstage passes. That doesn't mean we will actually run into The Pirate, but why pass up the possibilty, even though remote, of getting Aspen's pic with Mr. Margaritaville himself? I don't want to jinx it but maybe, just maybe, there will be a really cool pic of my offspring in the next post!
How can he not come over and say hi to a cutie like her? I ask you!