A few days ago was Aspen's first dentist visit. I have been trying to get her mother to make her an appointment for 3 years now to no avail (her brother, who is 16, has been once in the last ten years - that's what I have to deal with in a fellow parent folks!) so I finally made the appointment myself and paid for it out of pocket.
I assured Aspen that there were no shots involved and it was basically just a thorough cleaning. She was only slightly nervous but did awesome. She did give me a dirty look when I opted for putting sealants on her molars which required a second nurse to come in and help hold her mouth open (she knows full well that whenever a second nurse comes into the room during a doctor visit that it means a shot). And the fact that the sealant gel comes in an applicator that looks identical to a syringe didn't help matters at all. But the nurse was quick to demonstrate that it was not a shot.
The only part that Aspen didn't care for was the fluoride treatment foam which was supposed to taste like banana split but ended up "tasting like ick!" I can sympathize with her on that. When was the last time any flavored medication actually tasted like what the label says?
Her favorite part was the sucky thing (what movie was that that called that thing 'Mr. Thirsty'?)
I asked for a printout of her x-rays which now goes in her permanent files in daddy's file cabinet.