My regular readers are familiar with the different 'series' of posts that we feature here at The Nut. There is The Road of Rage Diaries, Be Their Voice, The 'Tens lists', Raise Your Hand If..., and Aspen Quotes. Would you please welcome a new series to this collection.
Starting today, we introduce what will surely be a never ending series called...
I'm Smarter Than That Guy!
Let the obviousness begin.

Yesterday, a man was attacked by an alligator while snorkeling in a Florida canal.

WHO THE F**K GOES SNORKELING IN A FLORIDA CANAL???? Are you new to this planet? What the hell? Please tell me you aren't planning on having children! That would throw Darwin's whole theory out of whack and I am a firm believer in his teachings.
Congrats on being the the subject of the 1st ever 'I'm Smarter Than That Guy' post.