So Sunday started off good enough. I took The Sea Weeder back to the man from whom I purchased it so he could help me with a problem. You see, when out on the water last time she just stopped cold in the water. We had to get towed in. I was nervous not knowing if this was a $20 problem or a $1000 problem. Turns out a screw deep within the distributor had stripped its threading and came loose freezing it up. Any less caring or less capable mechanic would have tossed the distributor and told me to spend $200 for a new one. Instead, this guy spent 90 minutes finding the problem figuring out how to fix it then fixing it and resetting the timing. She runs better now than she did when I got her. All this for the cost of some $17 cables and a case of Michelob Ultra.
Okay, luck was definitely on my side with that! Now The Sea Weeder is ready for the seas when Tish comes back down this weekend.
Sadly, luck was not on our side at The Buffett concert. While backstage we did run into Jimmy's two guitarists but the man himself did not make an appearance for us or anybody else. This pick was taken backstage about 10 minutes before the show started. This pick was also taken about 10 minutes before a torrential downpour started. Damn my lame ass lawn seats! It poured the entire show. Aspen thought it was great and fun... for about the first 15 minutes. Then hypothermia set in. But I love Buffett and wasn't going to be deterred by some little ailment (which is not even fatal in 50% of reported cases!!). I don't care how much she was going to mope and sit and shiver, we were here to have fun! Now get your ass up and dance with every other drunk adult around! Stop making a spectacle of yourself! You're embarrassing me already!
Aw, who am I kidding. We ended up leaving about what I guess was 5 songs early. This normally would be sacrilegious according to my beliefs, leaving a Buffett show early! But I knew I wouldn't hear the end of it from Aspen's mother if she was "bedridden" or "hospitalized" for a few measly days. I mean, what doesn't kill her makes her stronger right? Exactly! But tell that to my ex!
The good part of the story is that before the show I imagined if Buffett asked me what song would I request, I would ask for Peanut Butter Conspiracy (which is an old tune he hasn't done since who knows when) and a new tune, Coast of Carolina. I nailed it! He played them both! Sadly we ended up leaving before he played Fins for Aspen.
Before the show we spent an hour walking through the parking lot enjoying the greatest beach party not on a beach ever. So many people were stopping me and Aspen to take our pics, give us leies (sp?) and invite us to join their tiki parties. She had a blast. She was a little shy at first about dressing up and walking around in front of strangers then when she saw all the other people dressed up she was psyched for it!
And she is fine today thankyou! That new cough of hers will go away on its own in a few days I'm sure, so get off your soapbox 'mom'!