Miguel can be pretty finicky at times, he'll admit this.
He recently admitted that he wasn't all that thrilled with lawn seats at summer shows. This caught me off guard. We almost always get lawn tix... I'm very content with lawn tix. Lots of space, lots better view of the eye candy. Etc. Having heard him out we sit down and go over which shows we are willing to shell out the big $ for the good seats (Black Crowes, Allman Brothers), which shows we are content to see from the lawn (Buffett, Dave Matthews) and which shows we're going to have to skip this year (Tom Petty, Trey Anastasio). Then we devise a plan as to how we will have the most success at getting these ideal seats. Our plan (apparently flawed) was for him to go to Belks Dept Store the morning tix go on sale. He would call me the moment he had the tix on hold to check with me if the seats he was about to purchase were good (aka close) enough for the extra cost. If they weren't then we would wait a few days and see what's available on Ebay (go ahead, click that link!). If nothing of great value was available there then we would settle for lawn tix.

But plans (as they always do) went awry this morning, when Black Crowes tix went on sale.
I get a call from Miguel as he is at Belks. The thing is, Belks isn't the store that sells Ticketmaster items! It was Hechts! That's on the other side of the fricken mall! You see, time is of the essence in this global, fast paced, internet ready world, and having to run to the other side of the mall is valuable minutes wasted. In the time it takes you to read this sentence an entire row of seats will be sold in an opening minute of ticket sales for a good concert.
"Shit! Damnit! Sumbich!" It's plan 'A -and-a-half' time! As Miguel is doing windsprints past Baby GAP and The Sharper Image, I jump on the computer (which in retrospect should have been plan 'A' in the first place) as fast as I can.

It's 10:06, I'm now six minutes late. I'm anxious but not optimistic. I click the option for the most expensive seats. I hit enter. "Motherf**k!" Ticketmaster has my old credit card number! I have to navigate at blinding speed now through uncharted territory of a Goliath's website figuring out to how change the card number they have on file for me before the seats they have on hold for me (which I didn't even bother to see the cost of or location of) go unheld!
To make a long story not quite so long, you my dear readers are looking at the proud owner of 4th row center tix to the upcoming Black Crowes / Robert Randolph show.

Remember how ecstatic I was when I stumbled upon 11th row Allman Brothers tix last year? Yeah, those are like nosebleed compared to these seats!