Several days ago we here at The Nut asked you to describe the stupidest thing you have ever done. There was to be a prize for the winner. What we learned is that The Nut has quite alot of very smart, intelligent, and careful thinkers out there. Either that or some really emabarassed readers... 'cause next to noone admitted to really doing anything 'stupid'. I must be of a dying breed. There were a few of you. Like Tish who failed to follow some very important directions.
Then there was John who tried to impress his roomate before thinking. Let's not forget Erik who was way to focused for his own good. And of course there is Wendy who has a sibling who was absent the day they were handing out brains.
After careful consideration of the collective stupidity that courses through the veins of The Nut's readers I have decided that the stupidest thing that anyone here has been able to admit to is... Erik! While I find it a bit contradictory and/or ironic that the topic of someones award winning stupidity is how they passed a physics exam without cheating, I have to admit, his absent mindedness is something I would never have done myself. Everyone else's stupid act? I could easily see myself doing any of those things.
Therefor, the winner is Spaceman! Congrats you stupid rocket scientist! Email me your address.