Sometimes in life we are faced with difficult decisions. Decisions we wish we didn't have to make. Decisions that we know could have significant impact on our lives and those of our loved ones.

Sometimes we make the right yet difficult decision that allows our maturity, our sense of responsibility and moral obligation to shine through.

Sometimes we are overcome by jealousy, greed, anger or some other form of selfishness and we break. We make the wrong decision despite our intuition and our loved ones pay.

I'm my own worst critic. I prefer it that way. But that means I ride myself hard, constantly pointing out my failures and rarely giving myself credit for my accomplishments (what accomplishments right?).

Im humiliated to say that Saturday I was faced with one of those decisions and fell far short of who and what I have I tried to become, for myself and my daughter. I am embarrased and all the words that sit along side it in the thesaurus. I have let myself down and feel that picking myself up again and trying to get back on the right track would be just far too difficult. I want to pack it in and humbly have my human race membership card revoked...

You see, Saturday night I attended the NASCAR Allstar Race at Lowes Motor Speedway.
I was given VIP passes to the owners box suite by a coworker and felt privelaged at being invited to what most race fans would only dream of. But I'm not trying to make excuses. I attended the event. I have made my bed now I must lie in it. My posting this is not easy and is my first step at trying to come to terms with the decisions I have made.

For three hours I was in the presence of nearly every redneck, hillbilly, imbred, and stickfolk that The Blue Ridge Mountains try to hide from the rest of us for the rest of the year.

Which brings us to our next post...