1- Went riding after work today at a new trail. it was 2 miles longer than the one I've been getting used to as well as much more technical. I tried it on Sunday morning and my chain broke and had to turn around halfway through. Furthermore, I went with Miguel and 2 of his friends which meant I was pressured to not drop too far back. This trail kicked my ass! The bright side is that riding it the first time is the hardest. So next time I'm kicking it's ass!

2- Okay, I have gone essentially 6 months with no downing of the spirits. I have had a desire a time or two but stuck by it. I have also been 5 months with no partaking. This was supposed to be only a temporary thing because of a domestic issue. That issue may have passed but all desire to light back up is gone. Therefore I'm considering giving myself the green light to have a few drinks when on the The Sea Weeder. I think I feel good about this decision despite that it will be breaking my new year resolution.

3- In order to feel better about the extravagant purchase that is the boat I felt it only fair and balanced (ick... a FOX News term! yuck!) to make a decent cost effective sacrifice I decided I am giving up my cable and internet service at home. Don't panic! I still have internet service at work so The Nut aint going anywhere. And I'm sure I'll end up receiving basic cable anyway after the blocker somehow gets removed from my cable box the next day. But that's neither here nor there. The bottom line is I'll be saving $80/month and that to me justifies the big purchase.

4- Tish is coming for a 3 day visit Memorial Day weekend. I'm excited to meet this close blogger friend of mine. She doesn't know how to swim but she's getting her ass on the lake anyway!

5- If I hear the term 'christian values' one more time I'm gonna excommunicate myself from the human race! I got no problem with Christianity but I do have a problem with many Christians' way of thinking. There is no clear definition that states what constitutes a Christian Value. Any value you come up with there is a 'Christian' somewhere that doesn't hold that value. Furthermore, there is not a value out there that could be deemed 'Christian' that also isn't embraced by people of all faiths. Christianity doesn't corner the market on love, compassion, charity or any of that crap! So give it up all youn's who try throwing that term around. Jerry Falwell, you can lick my rusty nut!