OOOPS! with a capital 'OOO'!
I had the internet disconnected from my place (I still have it at work) in order to feel better about the boat purchase. It has been quite odd not having to go over to the computer at all while walking around the place. Damnit, why doesn't my nextdoor neighbor have a wireless modem I can leach off of?!
But then the real tragedy of my decision came into view on Monday morning. Aspen got all ready for school and asked if she could get on her site to feed her pets. As I was hurrying to get ready myself I told her that we didnt have internet anymore in order to pay for the boat. I didn't hear any response and assumed she was getting ready. A minute later I came out to find her still in the computer chair tears rolling silently down her face. She was absolutely heartbroken that she couldn't see her cyberpets. I might as well have just told her that her real dogs and gerbel had just run away from home.
I had not thought things through at all and I felt like the worst daddy ever. I knew I wouldn't be able to check my email, my blog or comments, others blogs, movie times or weather or porn sites and I could deal with all that. It never occured to me that Aspen might have needed the net for something, and something immensely important to her at that.
Fotunately I was able to email her teacher, after I got to work, and asked if Aspen would be able to get online at some point during the day. Aspen told me yesterday that for the last 2 days she had gotten online at school and had been feeding her pets. She also informed me that Snowy was eating alot and she wondered if she might be going to have babies.