Just when you thought your breakup was taking a bad turn...
Illinois lawyer Gary Peel was in a heated divorce settlement recently when he decided to break out the big guns. Telling his wife that if she didn't back off on her divorce demands he would shock her parents by showing them old pictures of him and her younger sister having sex. The thing is, the younger sister was 16 at the time. This makes him guilty of possession of child pornography. Yes, the police were called in, evidence collected and files were charged.

Hmmmm, it's apparently legal to have sex with a 16 year old, just not legal to take pictures of it. I love our legal system.

Just when you thought your workplace didn't make sense...
Wales citizen Sabrina Pace had breast enlargement surgery (going from a B cup to a DD) then turned around and sued her manager for paying undesired attention to her chest. Her case was immediately thrown out of the courts.

Hmmmmm, I love Wales legal system even better!

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