The Memorial Day weekend has come and gone. Tish found her way down after getting very lost a few times (she got off at exit 10B only to pass by the very same exit again 90 minutes later). She spent two and a half great days down in my neck of the backwoods only to end up getting very lost on her way back home yet again. More details on her visit will be available on her site and this one in coming days. Lots of laughs and smooches were shared. She was impressed with my cooking skills and had a blast on the maiden voyage of The Sea Weeder. I couldn't coax her in the water but that left her free to take lots of pics.

Miguel and Me coasting the Carloinas

Tish catching some rays

"I'm telling ya man, we head due south for 3 days and we're in the carribean!"

With finless skis no less. That takes skills!

Manning the helm

Thanks Tishy for a great weekend. See you again soon.