After a relaxing couple of hours on the lake Thursday evening, Michael (and I) row the boats ashore (hmmm, think I'll write a song about that)shortly after dusk only to be met by two sheriff officers who are staking out the boat ramps. They ask for our IDs. Apparently (I have to say apparently in case the judge ever finds this blog but in reality I knew this) it is the law that all watercraft (not just motorized) be equipped with one flotation device per person on board. Since Miguel + Brico = two on board people, that left me two flotation devices short. The fine of which is $105 per person.
Funnily enough, since Miguel's ID was from NC and we were in SC sheriff officer #1 explained to Miguel that because he was out of state he had to pay the $105 now, on the spot, at this moment, without delay, or be taken to jail until he could post bail. The look on his face was priceless (much like when I'm beating him at darts by 400+ points). Man he was not happy. He relaxed a bit when the fine price was actually stated out loud. He was thinking the fee/bond cost would be in the neighborhood of $700+.
Fortunately Miguel walks around with that kind of cash on him so we were both able to leave after being cited.
Now is it just me? I see guys in traffic court getting nothing but a warning for having open containers of alcohol in the car and attempting to flee a police vehicle (seriously, I HAVE SEEN THIS IN PERSON, LIVE, FIRST HAND). Yet I get a fine for $105 for not having a life vest on my kayak? Yes, by law, I don't have to even be wearing the vest, just have it on board.
That way in case I am slammed into by a speeding boat, there is somewhere within reasonable distance a life vest that I can grab and put on in my fatally injured and unconscious state.
That makes about as much sense as why the Howels had a change of clothes in every episode when it was only supposed to be a three hour tour.

note: this is what im going to say in court (since miguel and i have different court dates for some reason): that the yellow kayak (Old Yeller - which has storage compartments) had both vests in it. the blue yak (Big Blue - which has no storage) had none, but that the officer disallowed this since each vessel has to be equipped with its own. this IS somewhat true seeing that i have actually considered buying life vests in the past and storing them in the garage.
wish me luck!