"GET IT OFF! GET IT OFF! GET IT OFF!" is what those around me suddenly heard at high volume.

I thought I would share with you the stupidest thing I have ever done. To do that properly requires a quick graphic (see photo).
In high school I had a friend who was not allowed to get his ear pierced. But he wanted his ear pierced. So he bought an ear piercing gun and took it with him to school each day. Every day, once on the bus, he would pierce his ear then everyday before getting home he would take the earring out.
One day I was looking at his ear piercing device, playing around with it if you will. I observed how when the trigger was pulled the hammer (do I have that part labeled correctly Em?) slammed with great force as far as point 'B' but stopped there and did not enter into part 'A' . If there were an actual earring in the gun it would have traveled to point 'A'. But when I was playing with it there was no earring in the gun.
After several times of cocking the device and pulling the trigger and observing that no part of the gun ever entered into the area of 'A' I felt it safe to to put my finger in area 'A' and pull the trigger.
And such was the case. As anticipated, the hammer stopped at point 'B' and my finger was never touched.
After doing this a few times I felt it completely safe to cock the gun, put it up to my earlobe and pull the trigger. In theory, the same scenario would pass...
But theories aren't fact.
For when placing a device such as this up to your ear, you inevitably take it out of your field of vision. You see, I was no longer able to see exactly where in the device I was placing my earlobe. And let me tell you, to an earlobe, area 'B' feels an awful lot like area 'A'...
That is, until you pull the trigger! At that point it feels worlds different.
To this day I have a nice scar on my left earlobe and will never go to any high school reunion.

So I've shared. Now... your turn, what is the stupidest thing you've ever done? A prize to the winner. I sincerely hope somebody tops mine. Come on people! Give!