Thats right, Dharma is not just the name of an incredibly sexy Jenna Elfman character on an otherwise boring TV sitcom. It means 'truth' or 'the way'. It is a Buddhist term. Buddha taught the Dharma. It is one of the three tenants that a practicing Buddhist is to take refuge (comfort) in. The Dharma (truth), The Buddha (um... Buddha), and The Sangha (the buddhist community in which you reside).
As Aspen I and have been doing over recent months, each night we have been reading a chapter from Old Path, White Clouds. A book with 7 page chapters that goes into detail about The Buddha's life and teachings.
Well, as the book often does, we got to a part that talked about impermanence and the need for non-attachment in order to free oneself from suffering. She knew what 'permanent' meant and deduced that 'impermanence' would mean something that wasn't forever.
Well, wanting to explain this very important concept in a way that she might understand it, I made a mistake similar to the one mentioned in the post below... I didn't think.
I explained that her blankey (the one object that she currently takes refuge in) will not last forever. That everything is impermanent and we shouldn't be of the mindset that we will 'have' anything forever.
Well out came the tears again. As soon as I said that Blankey wouldn't last forever, I knew I had screwed up. I tried to counter with a distracting statement (no, not "How about some icecream?!"), I said "Well honey, nothing lasts forever. Mommy and Daddy won't be around forever either."
Hmmm, for some odd reason she found this neither distracting nor comforting.
Perhaps I should just stick to Green Eggs and Ham from now on. Unless I combine the reading with a cooking activity it should be pretty hard for me to screw up my kid any further with good old Dr. Seuss!

No computer at home and Thursday is my day off, so consider this Thursday's post. What will I be doing tomorrow? Why, taking The Sea Weeder out on the lake for her first run!!!