Yesterday evening I went biking. Afterward I thought I'd stop off at the local theatre and catch Mission Impossible III... 'cause I am just not satisfied with the amount of Tom Cruise coverage in today's media.
So when I get to the theatre I'm still in my biking attire. I open up the car door and stand beside my vehicle as I throw a pair of cargo shorts on over my biking shorts and change shirts. I close the door and go in to enjoy a good 2 hour movie which has Tomkat's face on 1 hour and 54 minutes of it (there were 6 minutes of credits at the end).
As I'm walking out I reach for my car keys. They're not in my pockets. Damn... did they fall out onto the candy encrusted floor? Hmmm, I have been known to lock them in the car from time to time (not to worry, that's why I keep a spare in a magnet case under the door). So I continue to the car.
When I get there I try the handle and my door flies wide open. There, in the ignition with the radio still going! are my keys! Fortunately my laptop computer, MP3 players (yes, I have two), brand new bike and all its gear, as well as loads of disc golf, camping and kayaking crap remained undisturbed within.

Try and top that one people!