You're on The Honor System Folks

The management teams of The Rusty Nut and Aspen's Art will be out of the office from Sunday April 9th to Friday April 14th. For your convenience we have post dated six posts ahead of time, one for each day.
Each post is not to be read before it's given date.
In lieu of our absence from our blog office, we at The Nut trust you will understand why there will be no comments from us on your sites during that time. We only have one request to our readers: Nobody get sick (belly!), die, get engaged (bug!) or divorced (JY & Crimson - you two have my permission -in fact I encourage you-to get divorced!), give birth (monkey!), get pregnant (tish!), quit blogging (femi!), have a sex change (kalani!) or undergo any other life altering changes until we get back and can read about it in a timely fashion.
Thankyou for your cooperation.
Have a good week all.