*THURSDAY* Ten Singers that can Bring Tears to My Eyes

We covered Guitarists that Freak My Bean, Albums that Opened My Ears, and Songwriters that Flip My Lid. As always, the word 'my' is in the title so by definition this list does not pretend to be objective or all inclusive. Nor does this list reflect my opinions about the bands that they front, etc. These are the singers that do it for me through their volume, passion, sincerity and simple spirit. Regardless of the words that they're singing they can still make me cry, get angry, or sing at the top of my lungs. (pray you'll never have to witness that!)
Sadly, unlike the great guitarists that are still being produced today I find the list of great singers not so abundant in today's music scene. I'm sure there are dozens out there that I'm not familiar with but I just get the feeling that in general one's voice is not being utilized as the instrument that it has the potential for being as it was in decades past.

1- Janice Joplin (Piece of my Heart)
2- Roger Daltrey (Who are You?)
3- Robert Plant (The Immigrant Song)
4- June Carter 'Cash' (Jackson)
5- Jerry Garcia (Stella Blue, China Doll)
6- Brent Mydland (Dear Mr. Fantasy) *That's right, a second singer from the same band. The accumulation of raw talent and the members' dedication to putting their very souls into every bit of music they produced is what afforded The Grateful Dead the most loyal following in rock. If you're not a Dead Head I'm not going to try to convince you. If you are I have no need to. I've seen first hand Brent bring tears to the eyes of the roughest and callous of men with just his voice. R.I.P. Brent*
7- Kate Bush (every frickin song!)
8- Bob Marley *He may not have a classically trained voice by any means and to say he can carry a tune might be a stretch, but this man could sing absolutely anything (not just one of his masterfully penned homages to his people's struggle) without any instrumental backup and I would be helpless to not sing along... loudly.*
9- Seal ( The Beginning)
10- Melissa Ethridge (Come to my Window)