Thank God for Sweet Tea

As my readers know, I am 1/4 through my goal of going a full year without partaking in spirits. And it hasn't been much of a challenge. And then there was tonight...
This evening I met my hangout bud, Miguel, at our favorite watering hole for some refreshments and pool.
It has long been my belief (which I voiced to him outloud for the first time a couple months ago) that Miguel needs to severely cut back on his drinking if not put it away all together. In fact, part of the reason that I am refraining for this time period is in hopes of inspiring him to do the same. This, and my voicing my concerns, has indeed helped in motivating him to cut back slightly... slightly. He's more conscious of how much he is drinking around me at least.
I was hanging out at the bar this evening waiting for Miguel to show up when I was asked by the barkeep what I cared to order. And for the first time since I 'quit' I was aware just how smooth, tasty and relaxing a rum and coke (aka a cuba libre to the ill informed barkeeps in this area) would feel sliding down the old asophogus. And I really wanted to order one.
But I didn't. Why? Because 1- Up till now its been easy. How triumphant would I be if I refrained only when it was easy to do so? and 2- I really want Miguel to get used to his drinking pal being a non drinker. If I resume ahead of schedule that could nullify whatever advances he has made to this point in cutting back. He knows that I don't have a 'problem' with consumption and if I can't successfully 'quit' then where is the hope that he can?
So logic, friendship and determination prevailed. I ordered a sweet tea then kicked his tipsy ass at the pool table!