'Surprising Fact Contest' Faces Run Offs!

Because Dan didn't have enough sense to vote for himself in the contest winner vote (way to participate in the democratic process Babbs!) we now face a run off. Both Dan and Rabbit got 5 votes each for their respective surprise.
This time we'll make it a little fun... The first person to garner ten votes tallied in the comments of this post will be the winner. If it takes one day or one year, makes no difference to me.
Dan's surprising fact about himself is that he has never had a PB&J sammich (even though he has no allergies to peanuts *coughexposedcough*)
Rabbit's surprising fact about her cute self is that she has never had cereal in milk (even though she has had both seperately and has no dairy allergies)

So let the voting commence just one more time. I know what the prize is going to be for whoever wins. heh heh
And with that I might add that I am a bit dissapointed with you all that you didn't vote Summer the winner for not ever having been admitted to a hospital. Her prize was going to be a hospital gown and she was going to be obligated to take a pic of her in it and email it to me.