Surprise! Yet Another Contest (with prizes!)

note: The managemnet teams of The Rusty Nut and Aspen's Art will be back in the offices tomorrow. Pictures of thier voyage and adventures should be posted by Sunday.

So while in Colorado, after a round of disc golf, Sean (a friend of 23 years) and I stumbled onto a topic of 'surprising things about me'...
I had a few: I've never done a chemical narcotic (acid, xtc, etc), okay, thats kind of surprising I guess. I've never seen Dumb and Dumber, that seems to astoud coworkers for some reason. hmmph, 'simpletons'! But here's the most surprsing thing about me that I can think of: you all know I'm a big music fan, leaning toward the old classics. But, believe it or not, I have never listenened to a Beatles album in its entirety. Not Sgt. Peppers, not The White Album, Not Yellow Submarine, not Let it Be, not even Abbey Road.
This is surprising because most people have done this I think. At least people my age.

Your turn. What basic thing have you never done, seen, heard, experienced, etc that most everyone else has?

It has to be surprising. Be honest! The person (who is a regular commenter at The Nut) who reveals the most surprising revelation will win a prize (based on who you are and what the surprising revelation is).