Just in the last week four (4) concerts* were added to the summer schedule for The Queen City. My jaw dropped when I saw them. This is going to be a busy (and expensive) summer.

6-4-06 (sunday) Jimmy Buffett {likelihood of attendance: 101%}
6-9-06 (friday) Tom Petty; Trey Anastasio * {likelihood of attendance: 50%}
6-20-06 (tuesday) Dave Matthews {likelihood of attendance: 75%}
6-30-06 (friday) Dickey Betts {likelihood of attendance: 90%}
7-11-06 (tuesday) Black Crowes; Robert Randolph * {likelihood of attendance: 100%}
7-28-06 (friday) John Fogerty; Willie Nelson* {likelihood of attendance: 70%}
8-20-06 (sunday) Allman Brothers; Derek Trucks Band* {likelihood of attendance: 100%}
8-27-06 (sunday) Ben Harper (in chicago) {likelihood of attendance: 101%}

And now I learn that CSNY is all set to announce their summer tour schedule. WTF?? The music gods are trying to kill me now!