Squag: (verb) origin:unknown

First: I have to formally define 'Squag' if I ever hope to see it in print. So here goes...
Squag: (verb); to willfully direct via a blog post a high number of commenters toward a randomly chosen blog to comment without leaving clear direction of their source for the purpose of surprising and confusing the blog's author; example: Chandrachoodan was squagged on April 18th when Bricotrout of The Rusty Nut asked his readers to visit his site and comment.

Second: Chandrachoodan, from Selective Amnesia, did indeed find his way here and let us know at 5:48 am Tuesday after the first 2 readers left comments at his site. So... Welcome C! I made it too easy for you by linking you at first. I took the link down and made people cut and paste your address after I was advised by some readers that are more net savvy than me. But the damage had been done. I saw on your world map that there were some four visitors to your site that you were able to trace straight to hear. I guess I'm still working the kinks out of this ambush style game. At any rate, when we do this again I hope you'll join in the fun.
As far as your music tastes go, I am pleased to say that I have a good selection of world music (please forgive the term, 'world music' is what americans refer to as music having come from other parts of the world. i know to you referring to music from your neck of the woods as 'world music' might seem a little odd). I will begin work on a CD compilation for you if you care to send me your address (I didn't take into consideration the cost of international shipping. I may have to screen the next squag subject more carefully).
And you didn't even give us a chance! At 5:48 eastern time, when you left your comment, most of us were still asleep. You sure didn't need alot of enticing. I think if you had laid low for a few more hours we would have gotten up there in the comments. Anyway, the first squagging will go down as successful!

Third: Thanks to all of you guys for helping out. You all played a significant roll as well in pulling this off. Thanks to Dale and Kalani for the technical advise. Next time we decide to do this I promise the subject will have a harder time getting back here. At the very least, we succeeded in increasing 'C's daily stat count by ten fold. And isn't that in itself just a whole hoopla of positive karma for us all?