Some Overdue Pics and Gasping for Air

As if Kayaking and seriously intense games of ping pong weren't enough to do in a week with a friend, Miguel convinced me to get back into biking (a 'sport' that he participates in between cartons of cigarettes about thrice a week) and join him on some of the more, um... 'suicidal?' trails in town. So, feeling that I wasn't getting my moneys worth from my monthly health insurance payments, I conceded and bought a new toy this week. I also bought a camelback having a suspicion it might come in useful... like... oxygen?
So today was my day off and we were to meet at a local death run of his choice at 4pm. Knowing I hadn't ridden in a couple of years (28 I think) I spent the morning and afternoon preparing for what was sure to be a strenuous ride... by napping. Good thing too, 'cause I needed as much energy as possible to get through what will surely be the site of the next Survivor series (Survivor: Francis Jennings Park Botanical Trail #2, coming this fall!)
Well, to make a long story short, I finished the 37 mile loop (Miguel will say its closer to 1.5 miles but I think his bike odometer needs new batteries!) with only minimal pauses to catch my breath (18 to be exact at 27 minutes each). My pace did slow down just a tad toward the last couple of miles. In fact I had to pull over at one point to let some other extremists in search of thrills pass me by (a 70 year old couple out enjoying the spring blooms).
But the important thing is I made it! A sense of achievement that will surely allow me some solid sleep tonight.
Anybody wanna buy a new bike?

Oh, and Kalani reminded me that I had promised to post another pic of the tatt (thanks again Em!) after it had healed, so here you go.
...those are freckles right? Age spots are bigger right?

p.s. Yesterday when I inquired about your favorite blogs... I guess I didn't make myself clear. I was looking for the sites names and addys. I was kinda hoping to check out some other cool blogs that I wasn't aware of. Geeze you guys!