Ah, Sundays in spring in a townhouse community. Birds chirping, people socializing, little kids riding their bikes around and unsupervised teenagers running amok. Which one of these things you think gets under my skin?
If you said the unsupervised teeneagers you were right!
Ever the diligent observer and reporter of innapropriate behavior I took it upon myself the other day to approach 3 aproximately twelve year old miscreants out by the townhouse garage and maintenance area who were throwing garbage from the dumpsters around and had with them the slide from the community playground.
Two quick questions and a statement was all that came out of my lips
"Are you boys residents of this complex?"
"What are your addresses?"
and "It would be a wise idea to put that slide back."
I turned and walked away not engaging them any further.
About thirty minutes later there is a knock on my door. I answer it to see one of the boys with his mother. She introduces herself. We shake hands politely.
"My son came home in tears a little bit ago saying you had spoken to him?"
"Okay, I did approach him and..."
"It is none of your business what my son is doing around here. If he happens to be hanging with two other little punks. Are you a police officer? Are you manager of these apartments?"
"Um, do you want to hear what happened or are you just going to keep on talking?"
"I know what happened and if you ever approach my son again I will call the police and file charges for harassment. Are we clear?"
"Oh give me a break!" and I quietly close the door in her face.

Now before I go any further let me readily admit that if Aspen came in from playing crying saying that some man had approached her and questioned her I absolutely would want to know what was said and all other circumstances. Damn right I would!
However, this woman didn't knock on my door to seek a single bit of information I might have on what transpired. Her only goal was to chew me out for her son being a juvenile and a cry baby. I guess from her perspective if I see a car being vandalized in our parking lots I am supposed to do nothing about it.
Well sweetheart, next week when I see the other two boys kicking the shit out of your cry baby son because he was desperately trying to tell me that stealing the slide was their idea and how he tried to stop them, I'll be sure to mind my own business and not interfere because I'm not a police officer or property manager.

Digital Clock Update: Sunday, midday, I set the stove clock ahead exactly seven (7) minutes ahead of the proper time. Monday morning it was three (3) minutes ahead. More updates to come.

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