Not a Bass... Not a Blue Gill... Not a Carp... It's a...

I spent Thursday, my day off, driving to all the outdoor stores around town looking for a good seat for my ocean kayak. No such luck. Apparently there are only two in the region and they both suck!
But the day wasn't a total wash. At the last place I went to I found this baby screaming my name! Look familiar? If you've ever left a comment here before then you've seen it. If you haven't, then leave a comment now and see.

On another subject, I have noticed that more and more stores are starting to carry the style of hat that I am so fond of. This is a good and bad thing. I'm not all that thrilled to think that alot more of my hats (that's right! I said it! 'my') will be resting on the noggins of everyone I cross on the streets or in the public restrooms. I have always appreciated having a certain uniqueness. The good side would be that it should be quite a bit easier now for me to find a decent backup hat at a fair price now that they're everywhere. But this isn't turning out ot be the case! Every hat that I checked out today was either too flimsy, too stiff, too wide, too tall or just plain godawful. So where's the upside? There aint one! Now every Billy Bob, John Boy and Mary Sue get to buy a cheap knockoff at The Hat Hut for $19.99 to look like me while I gotta spend $65 + for a handmade one at the annual artisans fair and I'm stuck looking like everyone else.

I don't know if it was me or this guy that made them all the rage now, but whichever of us it is, I hope he goes straight to hell!