Lets Have Some Fun! (Squagged #1)

I'm inventing a blog term 'Squag' (a derivitive from tagging and squatting). It's similar to being tagged but much nicer. You all have the opportunity to partake in the first ever squag! read on...
This is what I did: I went to the blog Selective Amnesia http://www.selectiveamnesia.org (cut and paste the address into your browser please). It was a long haul. I purposely went to a site that was ten times removed from my linked blogs. This is how I got there: Kalani > Foxi > Mental Nurse > Waffle Mania > Scary Duck > Jerry Chicken > My Blog Itches > The Pissed Kitty (which I had to laugh at because there - 8 times removed - was a link to webmiztris, damn shes popular! *coughslutcough*) > Aussie Guru > Selective Amnesia.
I purposelfully picked out a site that was somewhat interesting and had relatively few comments (i think it averages 1-2 per post?) What I want everyone to do is Tuesday, go to his site and comment appropriately and respectfully on his most recent post. Include in your comment that you found your way there from 'The Nut' . The key is not to refer to me by whatever name you link me. So everyone just say The Nut. He'll hopefully get some 20 or more people that he doesn't know suddenly commenting saying that some place called The Nut mentioned him.
He'll be intrigued for sure and make some kind of effort to find this place. I want to see if he'll be able to find it.
if he does...

You successfully found this little test, as you may have already read, you were chosen at random to be the subject of a fun harmless prank, and the victim of the very first 'squag'. If you would please let us know that you found your way here and what your feelings/thoughts were when all the regular Rusty Nut readers started leaving comments suddenly at your place.

Furthemore, as a reward for your successful sleuthing and in the spirit of harmless pranks I herby offer you a CD compilation of your choice of music genre. You are truly making blog history by being the first ever blogger to be squagged. Unless of course you didn't find your way here then youl'll never know your significant roll in blogging history.

and to everyone else, thanks for your help!