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Last week in Washington DC, Chinese President HU visited the country's capital for a brief summit with President Bush. During a ceremony on the front White House lawn the two leaders posed for reporters and photographers. It was at this point that a women with temporary press pass credentials among the reporters began shouting at the communist leader.
Initial reports indicated the nature of her protests to be related to the unfair treatment of a religious organization in China. However later translations revealed a different message of anger by the Chinese national woman...
"You always want too much rice! From now on I charge you two dollar extra for seconds! You no fair to me! I make no money with you!" Screamed the expatriate in Mandarin Chinese, President Hu's native tongue. After having a banner with her Chinese restaurant's logo on it ripped from her hand by a proprietor of a competing food chain (see photo), she continued undetered "You no good tipper! I work hard all day to make clean table! You very messy eater! Messy eaters must tip more! Rice everywhere when you leave! Why you no better manners?!"
Clearly embarrassed by the remarks, President Hu stood quietly as the protestor was apprehended by security and hurried away. President Bush did his best to reassure his guest and stabilize the situation. With a wry smile he leaned to Hu's side and whispered
"Heh heh, I like rice too. Condi's folks named her after that you know. Darn stuff gets everywhere don't it? You guys need to make that stuff so it aint so sticky. This one time I had a piece stuck to the front of my teeth for three days. You all have floss out there? I never can figure out that stuff. Always hurts my fingers. Mouthwash, that's the way to go! Don't try to swallow that stuff though. Burns worse than tequila. You all got tequila out there? Who Wee! Its the saki of the west. Heh heh 'saki' were'd you all come up with that name? You guys crack me up with your funny words."
Moments later the press gathering was called off. President Hu flew back to his country hours later. The heckler now faces harassmentt charges and her eatery a thorough health inspection.