Happy Re-Birth Day Jesus!

I like a good spiritual quote. For me, a good quote is going to ring true regardless of its religious source. I reflect much on how the major religions are similar to eachother. So I enjoy reflecting on a concept that is generic enough in its message that the religious background of who said it is indeterminable, and mute.
Yesterday on NPR I heard an interview with a minister who when asked about his feeling on the religious resurgency that seems to be arising in the west, he replied
"Faith is meant to help us deal with uncertainty; not provide us with a sense of certainty"
This rang true for me immediately and what was nice was he was using this quote to clarify why he was not pleased with the type of religious resurgency that he observed taking place. He felt, and I tend to agree, that religious beliefs are too often used to justify outwardly reactions in the world rather than to strenghen an inwardly sense of peace with the world in the now.

And from my understanding, Jesus would agree. Happy Easter all!