Boycott Exxon! (new posts are below)

I for one don't mind paying high gas prices... if that's what the market costs require.
However, I for one will refuse to buy my fuel from a company that
1- made the largest ever annual profit than any other company ever when there are plenty of it's competitors selling the exact same product.
2- just gave its retiring CEO a $400 million retirement package that equates to $140,000 a day for every day that he worked for that company.
3- for the last 16 years has refused to pay what U.S. courts found to be its fair share of the environmental cleanup cost of Valdez, Alaska

Obviously that company is Exxon/Mobile, and they will never... NEVER... get another penny of my money if it can at all be helped... NEVER!!
I, in all seriousness, ask that each one of you seriously consider doing the same. Since this country is based on 'capitalism' it is we the consumers who have the real power.
I will offer a CD compilation (genre your choice, artists mine) to each and every regular Nut reader who
1- makes a similar post stating that you will boycott Exxon/Mobile
2- asks others to make a similar pledge
3- leaves that post at the top of your site for 1 month (you can continue to post obviously)

I know this is alot to ask but I am that disgusted by this company's greed that I ask myself 'What can I do?' and that's the answer I come up with.
Fuck Exxon/Mobile! If they want to make billions of dollars in profit at our expense, put it in their own private bank accounts and complain that environmental cleanup costs for their carelessness are unjust and would bankrupt them, then they can go fuck themselves. They will not get my money anymore.
I will leave this post at the top for one year (notice the pic and music have been removed). Because this is what I can do.