"And to your left, folks, you'll see giant pillars of flaming sulfur"

Years ago I had a girlfriend who enjoyed going to all extremes to be cultural and non mainstream and artsy and all that crap. And in doing so she found the key to hell's backdoor, opened it and took me on a 2 hour guided tour of its lower levels.
What did she do? She found some movie and insisted that I watch it with her. But not just any movie, it was a 'deep' movie. And not 'Bridges of Madison County' or 'The Horse Whisperer' deep. I could deal with that. No, this was some black and white foreign film with subtitles. It starred Christopher Walken as some Angel who never said a word or some shit like that. If you happen to know its name you can refresh my memory so I can be sure to steer clear of the Blockbuster aisle which contains it.
I have no desire to see movies like this. GUYS have no desire to see movies like this... unless they feature a nude Scarlet Johansen, which this one sadly did not. What's more, my girlfriend at the time had already seen this film a few weeks before. What's that shit?
But here's the kicker! Fifteen minutes into the guided tour of Hades, she falls asleep with her head on my lap! Which is fine... if you're naked!, so I can at least have some touchy feely fun while taking a ride down the river Styx. But she wasn't. What kind of shit is that? I have to suffer through this while she gets to catch some zzzzz's and I don't get any play? I don't think so! After I realized she had drifted off it took me .3 seconds to locate the remote...
...And four minutes later, the movie credits were scrolling along.
"Is it over already?" a groggy girlfriend says as I tap her awake
"Uh huh" I say trying my best to sound spiritually moved
Because when you say "I really want us to sit down together and watch this black and white foreign film with subtitles."
All I hear is "I really want this relationship to come to a screeching halt right now."

Now even Buddhism teaches that there is such thing as a justifiable lie. I'm asking you dear readers, was I wrong in my actions and deceit?