"And the nominees are..."

We here at The Nut had a contest a few days ago. Who had the most surprising fact about them. We were looking for things that you had not done that most everybody else in western civilization has done.
I've narrowed down the list to 8 finalists. Everybody has 1 vote. Votes will be tallied Friday night. Anonymous votes will not be counted. In the event of a tie there will be a runoff. Here we go...

Dan... has never eaten a peanut butter and jelly sandwhich! (that should be grounds for expatriotism right there!)
Dale... has never sent a birthday card to anybody! (there's always next year, right?)
Os... has never watched an episode of friends! (with his private collection, i wouldn't have the time to either)
Duff... has never had a single sip of coffee! (a DJ not pepped up on caffine???)
Summer... has never been admitted into a hospital (i'm sure shes played 'doctor' many a time though, right?)
Blondie... has never paid to get a haircut (can anyone say 'Flowbee'?)
Tish... can't swim! (and she even has built in floaties for petes sake)
Rabbit... has never had cereal & milk (whats up with that doc?)

As I stated, the prize will be determined by me based on who the winner is and what the surprise fact was. The ballot box is now open!