The World Gets Smaller

I just find it odd and humorous that a discovery like this could have elduded us until now. You can read the brief article and see a slide show of pics.
But I am left confused. There apparently is a difference between 'highest' and 'tallest'. there are 2 categories. I think tallest is what you would think (distance from top to bottom) but highest can't be meaning 'elevation above sea level' because the record numbers seem far too low to me.
As I have said before, I am the worst googler in the world when trying to search info. Seriously, right now I could google the word 'porn' and I would get the message saying "your search request found 0 results". And if I try to ask jeeves anything... well, I just think Jeeves don't know shit sometimes!
So if anyone can track down the definition difference for me here I would be most grateful. At any rate this is a pretty cool discovery. Any guesses on how the lives of the locals are going to change over the next decade?

Q1: Out of the ten tallest/highest (means the same thing! thanks sissy b!) waterfalls in the world, one U.S. state hosts 2 of them. Which state?
Q2: Out of the ten tallest/highest waterfalls in the world, one country hosts 4 of them. Which country?

Check out this great link to the waterfalls of Norway! Lots of awesome pics! (you gotta hit the 'next' button to start things off). There apparently is a difference in agreement as to the definition of a 'waterfall'. Some of these are borderline waterfalls. Don't ever say you didn't learn nothing from The Nut!