"Who's the big ol' blog? Yes hims is! Yes hims is!"

It was indeed one year ago today, March 10th 2005, that Jeff Kirlin (blogger and photographer extraordinaire and absolutely terrible backgammon player) convinced me (a fellow photographer) to start a blog to showcase my work. So I took my favorites from my past and posted some 20 pictures.
Since then it has slowly morphed into what you all have come to know and tolerate today. I have met truly great friends, fallen in love, gotten nekkid, learned lots, and cracked myself up to no end via The Rusty Nut. I even started my daughter out with her own blog to showcase her ever growing portfolio of art.
I want to thank all of you who regularly stop by and comment. It means alot. Some of you are exceptionally special to me (you know who you are). Hopefully you'll all still be around when I get to photoshop a second candle into this pic.

Any lurkers who have frequented here over the last year... this would be a good time to ring in and say 'Hello'... consider it the same as signing the birthday card.

A bit of useless info: The name Rusty Nut Telegraph (and the imagery in the banner) is a tip of the 'hat' to Jimmy Buffett and his classic album Coconut Telegraph. And if you didn't notice, the nut with the candle on it is the same nut that is used in the background of the banner.